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A Cycling Celebration

 Professional cyclist JP Primm with participant at 2023 event

This summer, young people from throughout the community, including participants from Milwaukee Recreation's before- and after-school programs, can experience new biking opportunities! If your child is interested in any kind of cycling, this special event is the perfect opportunity to learn and have fun.

Participants, from grades 6-12, are invited to join us at Beulah Brinton Community Center for a series of cycling sessions with coaches and instructors, before riding through the streets of Bay View on the closed course for the Kwik Trip Tour of America's Dairyland and celebrating with ice cream.

View the full Facebook photo gallery and highlight video from last year's inaugural event.

Thank you to our partners, Babe's Ice Cream, DreamBikes, the Kwik Trip Tour of America's Dairyland, Wheel & Sprocket, the Wisconsin Bike Fed., the Wisconsin Cycling Association, the Wisconsin CX Series, and the Wisconsin High School Cycling League, as well as professional cyclists Rahsaan Bahati and JP Primm, for supporting the next generation of cycling in Milwaukee!

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