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Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field TripsWe want to continue to be your favorite Outdoor Education field trip! Let us bring nature to your students.

We are offering several virtual learning opportunities for your students to engage in environmental education. Our naturalists will provide stimulating activities, thought provoking videos, educational games and many ways for your students to experience nature right in their own neighborhoods.

These Google Classroom platforms will include a variety of STEM-based activities that tie directly to classroom curricula and will meet or exceed the state standards.

Review our Outdoor Education Field Trip Guide for more information on virtual field trips!

Virtual Field Trip opportunities are currently available to MPS schools ONLY.


These prices apply to all individual learning experiences:

  • $25: Access to Google Classroom and live 30-minute video interaction with a naturalist.**
  • $35: Access to Google Classroom and live 30-minute video interaction with a naturalist. Once students return to school, we will include a bin of activities delivered to your classroom.

**Teachers will be sent a link to the Google Classroom and Google Meet. Please have students view the Google Classroom videos prior to the scheduled Google Meet.

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  Fall Virtual Field Trips

Leaf It to Us (grades K5-2) - Hawthorn Glen

Students will learn different parts of a tree and the meaning of coniferous and deciduous forests. Seasonal effects on trees will be discovered and students will gain an appreciation for the value of trees, not just to humans, but also to wildlife.

Topography (grades 4-8) - Lapham Peak

Students will experience Wisconsin’s glacial landscape and learn about kettles, kames and our state’s unique geological history.

Prairie Prowl (Grades 2-5) - Lakeshore State Park

Naturalists will engage students in learning about the great diversity of species living on the prairie, the history of land use in our area and prairie restoration.


  Winter Virtual Field Trips

Who Goes There? (grades K5-3) - Hawthorn Glen

This program encourages awareness of nature in winter by studying animals’ signs that are visible in the snow. Students will learn how to become nature “detectives” after viewing a PowerPoint Presentation.

  Spring Virtual Field Trips

Backyard Babies (Grades K4-3) - Hawthorn Glen

Introduce your students to the idea of their backyards as a habitat for nature! Even your schoolyard can provide what is necessary for animals to raise a family. Through this virtual presentation and discussion, we can help students recognize the mammals that might be sharing their neighborhoods, learn the various animals that lay eggs and even help determine when an animal might need help.

Animal Adaptations (Grades 3-5) - Hawthorn Glen

Our Naturalists will help your students discover how changes in color, shape, size, and behavior help animals find food and protect themselves. A live animal from our Little Nature Museum will virtually visit your classroom!

Spring Migration (Grades 3-6) - Lakeshore State Park

Lake Michigan is part of a major flyway, a migration route for numerous species of birds. Students will discover bird characteristics and the importance of birds in an ecosystem. The birds that spent the winter months here are now heading back north and the birds that flew south are returning as our weather warms.

  April to October Virtual Field Trips

Explore the Shore (grades 5-12) - Lakeshore State Park

Fish swim in it, birds bathe in it and mammals of all kinds drink it. This program is designed to develop an appreciation for Lake Michigan’s coastal ecology. Students will learn about water sampling, water quality, pollution and invasive species. Students will uncover the glacial past of Milwaukee’s shoreline and learn the importance of protecting this natural resource.

  March to November/December Virtual Field Trips

Groundwater (grades 5-12) - Hawthorn Glen

Water is all around us - underground and in the clouds. Here in Wisconsin, we benefit from having Lake Michigan to our east and the Mississippi River to our west. Students will explore the water cycle and will take a closer look at water as our most precious natural resource. Learn ways to conserve and even improve our water.

Animal Life Cycles (grade 3) - Hawthorn Glen

All animals have a life cycle that includes birth, growth, reproduction, and death. This life cycle also includes many physical changes. Join us virtually as we examine the process of change in the life cycle of animals through presentations and games. Instructions for in-class activities included as well.

Nature's Communities (grades 2-5) - Hawthorn Glen

Student’s will be given a virtual tour of Hawthorn Glen’s forest and prairie. Naturalists will work with students to compare interactions in ecosystems, biodiversity, and how these communities change (succession). Impacts of nonnative species will be explored.


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