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Lakeshore State Park

Lakeshore State Park

Lakeshore State Park is located on the shores of Lake Michigan and is almost completely surrounded by water, connecting to Discovery World at Pier Wisconsin via a beautiful bridge.

The 22-acre park is the only urban state park in Wisconsin. The accessible, paved trail twists past prairie restorations, a watercraft beach area and connects to the Hank Aaron and Oak Leaf state trails. After experiencing nature at Lakeshore State Park, enjoy the gorgeous scenery while having a picnic style bag lunch at the shore.

We encourage field trip groups to use the south entrance road to the park. This entrance starts where Erie Street ends at the river. Follow the park road east along the water and under the Hoan Bridge. The park does not have running water; portable bathroom facilities are available on the south end of the park.

State Park Rule: Carry in; carry out. No trash collection available.

Explore the Shore

Grades 5-12, May-October

Fish swim in it, birds bathe in it and mammals of all kinds drink it. This program is designed to develop an appreciation for Lake Michigan’s coastal ecology. Students will participate in water sampling and discuss water quality, pollution and invasive species. Students will uncover the glacial past of Milwaukee’s shoreline and learn the importance of protecting this natural resource.

Hooked on Fish

Grades 3-8, May-October

Peer below the surface! Learn all about Lake Michigan fish and their roles in the web of connections between living things in and around the Lake. Discover how the splashy entrance of non-native newcomers is changing these close-knit communities.

Prairie Prowl

Grades 2-5, July-October

Take your students on a scavenger hunt while they learn about prairies and the organisms that call them home. Our naturalists will engage students in discussions about the great diversity of species living on the prairie, the history of land use in our area, and prairie restoration.

Spring Migration

Grades 3-6, March-June

Lake Michigan is part of a major fly-way, a migration route for numerous species of birds. Bring your students to witness this majestic wonder! Discover bird characteristics and the importance of birds in an ecosystem. Students may have an opportunity to observe birds that travel. The birds that spent the winter months here are now heading back north and the birds that flew south are returning as our weather warms. March through June is the peak of migration and local nesting, with lively and noisy birds everywhere.

Great Lakes

Grade 4, April-October

Milwaukee is on the shore of Lake Michigan, one of the five great lakes formed by glaciers. Milwaukee was thus set-up as a major port city, our history rich in shipping, shipwrecks and even pirates. Water quality is very important to this large source of fresh water. Your students will examine the negative effects of pollution and invasive species while developing an understanding of and appreciation for native aquatic plants and animals.

  • Braving the weather at Lakeshore State Park
  • Disc golf at Lakeshore State Park
  • Field trip at Lakeshore State Park
  • Field trippers look back at the Milwaukee skyline
  • Green space at Lakeshore State Park
  • Group photo by Lake Michigan
  • Lakeshore State Park
  • Lakeshore State Park near the Summerfest grounds
  • Looking at Milwaukee from Lakeshore State Park
  • View of the updated Milwaukee skyline
  • Yoga Lakeshore Park


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