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Playfield Renovation Project

In 2014, Milwaukee Recreation retained a consultant to conduct a review of the existing facilities and provide a roadmap for improvements to the playfields spanning a 10-year timeframe.  The result was the Milwaukee Outdoor Recreation Facilities Master Plan.

The purpose of the planned projects is to address the community’s current and future recreational needs by upgrading 52 playfields and fieldhouses maintained by Milwaukee Recreation. These efforts will assure the highest level of service and safe utilization to users.

Check back for further announcements and links to online questionnaires. Please share this information with your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors to get them involved as well!

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The 2022-23 update to the Milwaukee Recreation Equity Prioritization Matrix expanded on the 2016 model to include lessons for equitable open-space assessments from around the country, helping reveal how open space can positively support communities around Milwaukee. The updated plan continues to guide Milwaukee Recreation’s decision-making. It includes explorations of park access, the existing condition of facilities, an understanding of the people who live around our parks, and conversations about the ways that parks can positively impact individual and community health.

View the YouTube playlist below to watch our ribbon-cutting ceremonies at our renovated playfield sites so far!


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