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Recreation Department with FOX 6 Now

Milwaukee Recreation is one of the established pillars in the community, and has frequently been featured on various local news outlets in the area. See each available segment below.

Stay tuned for more updates as Milwaukee Recreation continues to positively impact the surrounding community. Check out the archives of our 'In the News' features through the years below.

Sept. 2021 - CAPRA Accreditation

OnMilwaukee: Milwaukee Recreation accreditation is "like winning the championship"

Milwaukee Record: Milwaukee Recreation earns national accreditation in parks and recreation

Sept. 2021 - CW18/My24 Milwaukee

Senior Director Lynn Greb discusses fall programming

July 2021 - ABC's 'Good Morning America'

‘GMA’ surprises deserving basketball coach with tickets to NBA Finals

'GMA' Recap

June 2021 - Urban Milwaukee

Franklin Square Playfield Opens

June 2021 - FOX6

FOX6 discussed multiple Milwaukee Recreation programs throughout the morning of the Franklin Square Playfield Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

June 2021 - TMJ4

Franklin Square Playfield gets major $2 million upgrade, now open to the public

June 2021 - Urban Milwaukee

Green Bay Playfield Being Renovated

June 2021 - FOX6

Groundbreaking for Milwaukee Recreation playfield on north side

June 2021 - Spectrum News 1

Milwaukee Recreation brings Video Game Van to summer playgrounds

June 2021 - TMJ4

Summer Water Safety

May 2021 - Wisconsin Public Radio

WIAA announces inaugural girls state wrestling tournament in 2022

May 2021 - FOX6

Family Drive-In Movie Day

April 2021 - FOX6

Longtime Milwaukee Recreation worker serves as mentor, role model to youth

"For 54 years, Max Walker has used his perspective to motivate and connect with countless Milwaukee youth."

April 2021 - Family Drive-In Movie Day

Milwaukee Community Journal

CBS58 - Feb. 2021

A life dedicated to mentoring youth

"Max Walker has been a mentor and a role model to Milwaukee kids for decades. A lot of what he knows, he learned growing up on Milwaukee playgrounds, himself. He’s put that knowledge to good use—working for Milwaukee Rec for more than 50 years, and influencing the lives of generations of young people."

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  2020: In the News

Spectrum News 1 Wisconsin - Dec. 2020

Campaign Season: MPS Forges Successful Program To Help Athletes Prosper Despite Being Sidelined by Pandemic

CBS58 - Oct. 2020

Organizers of Milwaukee's Twilight Centers find a way to continue operation during pandemic

Urban Milwaukee - Oct. 2020

Milwaukee Recreation opens revamped Southgate Playfield

FOX6 - Oct. 2020

Pulaski's Lukas Barnes is a High School Hot Shot

FOX6 - Oct. 2020

Team Milwaukee Special Olympics aims to keep athletes moving

CBS 58 - Oct. 2020

Everyday Heroes: Lauren Lopez-Gonzalez, Recreation Manager of Milwaukee's Twilight Centers

FOX6 - Oct. 2020

MPS launches campaign to keep student-athletes engaged, active

OnMilwaukee - Oct. 2020

Milwaukee Recreation relaunches renovated Southgate Playfield

TMJ4 - Oct. 2020

MPS continues to encourage athletes after moving fall sports

TMJ4 - Sept. 2020

Parents turn to Milwaukee Recreation for childcare during virtual learning

Milwaukee Courier - July 2020

Outdoor Education Center highlights reading and nature for kids

Milwaukee Bucks - June 2020

Feature on Bradley Tech wrestlers

PBS Wisconsin - June 2020

Track star Amari Brown reflects on her canceled senior season

Spectrum News 1 - June 2020

Milwaukee Recreation programs to resume in July with safety protocols in place

WISN - May 2020

MPS students competing in online speech and debate competitions

TMJ4 - April 2020
JJ Watt Foundation boosts morale among young athletes


FOX6 - April 2020

JJ Watt Foundation donates new uniforms and equipment to 35 Milwaukee Recreation youth sports teams

OnMilwaukee - April 2020

13 community livestreams you should check out during COVID-19

Milwaukee Record - April 2020

Rec. At Home programs to watch

Urban Milwaukee - March 2020

South Side Playfield to get overhaul

"[Modrzejewski] Playfield, one of 52 managed by MPS’s Milwaukee Recreation department, was identified as the best suited for improvements following a 2015 equity prioritization index effort. Approximately 6,000 kids under the age of 18 live within one mile of the site."

WISN - March 2020

Midnight Basketball League back for the spring

ESPN Milwaukee - March 2020


Journal Sentinel - Feb. 2020

Bike Bazaar: 6 things to do in Milwaukee this weekend

Journal Sentinel - Feb. 2020

King's Saleem carries City Conference banner

ESPN Milwaukee - Feb. 2020


TMJ4 - Feb. 2020

$5 Swim Program


Jammin' 98.3 FM - Feb. 2020

Bobbie Kelsey named a Jammin' Legend

ESPN Milwaukee - Jan. 2020

The sixth annual City Review

TODAY'S TMJ4 - Jan. 2020

The sixth annual City Review

  2019: In the News

ESPN Milwaukee - Dec. 2019

Coaches Conversations (Basketball)

$5 Swim Lessons - Dec. 2019

TMJ4 - Nov. 2019

Mother & Son Superhero Night


WISN - Nov. 2019

Mother & Son Superhero Night


ESPN Milwaukee - Oct. 2019

City Conference Football Minute

Milwaukee PBS/Journal Sentinel - Oct. 2019

Kids in Crisis: You're Not Alone | Hannah and Amaii


TMJ4 - Oct. 2019

Halloween Glen returns


Multiple Sources - Oct. 2019

Clovernook Playfield and Franklin Square Playfield Groundbreaking

Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service - Sept. 2019

Post from the Community: Milwaukee’s newest soccer space opening on the South Side

Multiple Sources - Sept. 2019

Custer Playfield Reopening

Multiple Sources - Sept. 2019

Vincent Stadium Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Multiple Sources - Aug. 2019

Columbia Playfield Reopening

Multiple Sources - May 2019

Pulaski Stadium Groundbreaking

Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service - February 2019

Daddy/Daughter Dance


Milwaukee Record - February 2019

Advanced cornhole and nine more wonderful spring Milwaukee Recreation classes

"Spring is in the air! Okay, not really, but the spring Milwaukee Recreation guide is out and about, and it’s as delightful as ever! Pick up a physical copy (or browse a PDF) and you’ll be bombarded with hundreds of courses open to residents and non-residents of all ages, covering time-honored areas of interest like arts and crafts, cooking, fitness, sports, and swimming."

TMJ4 - February 2019

Daddy/Daughter Dance returns


Telemundo WI - February 2019

Daddy/Daughter Dance

"Se aproxima el baile de papá e hija en las Escuelas Públicas de Milwaukee. Este es un evento que crea memorias lindas entre los padres y sus pequeñas."

TMJ4 - January 2019

Top H.S. basketball prospects to play at UWM Panther Arena


  2018: In the News

Wisconsin Public Radio - Nov. 2018

Milwaukee's Midnight League brings more to the court than basketball

"Milwaukee's Midnight League basketball team is about more than just playing the sport, it's about providing a safe place to talk about life's obstacles and about finding a way out. We hear from one of the program's coordinators for more."

OnMilwaukee - Nov. 2018

Midnight League encourages young men to learn valuable life skills

"When it reopened, the Midnight League played solely at Bradley Tech High School in Walker's Point. According to Briggs, there were about 80 players. Since the league opened its North Side site this year, numbers have increased to about 120 players at each location."

TMJ4 - Nov. 2018

Mother/Son Superhero Night

WISN 12 - Nov. 2018

Mother/Son Superhero Night Preview

Urban Milwaukee - Oct. 2018

Milwaukee Recreation Hosts Mother & Son Superhero Night

"Milwaukee Recreation will host the first Mother & Son Superhero Night on Saturday, November 10 at Hamilton High School. Mothers and sons are welcome to come dressed in their favorite superhero attire for an evening of arts and crafts, superhero training activities, and healthy snacks."

OnMilwaukee - Oct. 2018

Urban Spelunking: History uncovered as plans for lost landmark turn up

"The center, which opened in 1924, was modeled after – and named for – Bay View's Beulah Brinton house, 2590 S. Superior St., where Brinton hosted newly arrived immigrants and offered them language and other classes, recreation and even health care. The city took inspiration from Brinton's work and began opening such centers of its own in the early years of the 20th century."

Fox 6 Now - Oct. 2018

Milwaukee’s Columbia Playfield park is getting a makeover

"Columbia Playfield, located near 14th and Chambers, is going to be totally transformed in the coming months by Milwaukee Public Schools and Milwaukee Recreation."

CBS 58 - Oct. 2018
Columbia Playfield Groundbreaking

WISN 12 - Oct. 2018

Halloween Glen Preview

FOX 6 Now - Oct. 2018

‘A beautiful thing:’ Young Milwaukee men invited to play in Midnight Basketball League

"Young men are invited to show off their basketball skills as part of the new "Midnight League" on the city's north side." 

OnMilwaukee - Sept. 2018

Urban Spelunking: New Deal-era Enderis Playfield is a WPA gem

"One of those is Enderis Playfield, a New Deal-era gem bounded by Chambers and Locust Streets on the north and south, 72nd Street on the west and an alley (behind 70th Street) on the east. The park has given its name to its neighborhood, too. It is the green heart of Enderis Park."

FOX 6 Now - July 2018

Wacky Wheels Skate Van keeps the fun rolling playground to playground

"The Milwaukee Recreation Department has hundreds of classes and programs but there's one that rolls around the city all summer long to help get kids rolling."


TODAY'S TMJ4 - June 2018

Milwaukee Recreation works to provide water safety access

"Milwaukee Recreation offers year-round swim lessons at pools in every neighborhood across the city. Instructors hope that access will save lives in all communities."


FOX 6 Now - May 2018

FOX6’s Ted Perry, Beverly Taylor host 25th anniversary celebration for Survive Alive House

"Born from tragedy, the Milwaukee Survive Alive House is celebrating 25 years. A gala was held to celebrate on Friday, May 11 at the Milwaukee Art Museum."

TODAY'S TMJ4 - February 2018

Hundreds of Milwaukee dads take daughters to special dance

"Milwaukee Recreation partnered with the Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative and the Social Development Commission to host the 15th annual Daddy/Daughter Dance."

WISN 12 - February 2018

Special Olympics athletes hit the hardwood for Brandon Sprewer Classic

"'My son has Down syndrome, and so when he's out there having so much fun, it just brings a joy to me,” said Michelle Sobocinski, “I know the experience that he'shaving right now is the same experience that his regular peers are having too.'"

FOX 6 Now - February 2018

‘Celebrate his life:’ Basketball tournament honors Special Olympian, murdered in 2006

"At Vincent High School, about 60 teams participated in the annual Brandon Sprewer Basketball Classic. 'For the past 12 years, we gather to celebrate his life,' said Therese Whitty, recreation supervisor for Team Milwaukee Special Olympics."


TODAY'S TMJ4 - February 2018

Milwaukee's Daddy-Daughter Dance returns for 15th year

"Milwaukee's annual 'Daddy-Daughter Dance' is coming up in less than two weeks. It’s a partnership between Milwaukee Recreation, The Social Development Commission and the Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative."


Milwaukee Magazine - January 2018

Meet the late-night basketball league that's giving hope to many

"The Midnight League isn’t open to just anyone... The league was designed for unemployed (or underemployed) men or others struggling with social ills – and not high school kids, who are barred. During the last season, some 88 joined in."

FOX 6 Now - January 2018

Beulah Brinton: Milwaukee Recreation’s only stand-alone community center serves people of all ages

"Brian Kramp spent the morning at Beulah Brinton Community Center to preview this winter's Milwaukee Recreation Department activities."

  2017: In the News

WISN 12 and TODAY'S TMJ4 - December 2017

Burnham Ice Rink Grand Opening

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - November 2017

MPS to upgrade neighborhood playgrounds

'"There's a tremendous opportunity to really transform these spaces, really bring them back to life," said Lynn Greb, senior director of the district's Recreation Department  who commissioned an equity analysis to prioritize improvements at the 52 playfields — small neighborhood parks — throughout the district.'

TODAY'S TMJ4 - September 2017

Hawthorn Glen prepares for Halloween event

"We're just days from October, and that means Hawthorn Glen is preparing for Halloween. The Nature Center is again putting on its annual family-friendly event, and Chris Beimborn from the Milwaukee Recreation Department joined 'Live at Noon' with more."

FOX 6 Now - September 2017

‘MPS Drive’ program offers free driver’s ed to MPS students

'"But that still wasn't accessible by all of our young people," said Annie Kubes, recreation coordinator for citywide programs for the MPS Recreation Department. "And so we wanted to bring back the free option to insure that any student that was interested in taking driver's education would have the opportunity."'

TODAY'S TMJ4 - July 2017

MPS To Debut First All-City Musical: Hairspray Jr.

TODAY'S TMJ4 - June 2017

414ward: Free Summer Playground Program

CBS 58 - February 2017

Daddy Daughter Dance at North Division High in Milwaukee

  2016: In the News

FOX 6 Now - June 2016

Milwaukee Recreation's 'Summer Stars' Program Works To Keep Young People Out Of Trouble

'"I'd rather have all the kids in one building that`s a safe space where they`re doing something constructive than have them in the street doing nothing," Carmelo Cortes, Summer Stars supervisor said.

The program runs from 6-9 p.m. -- the time period a study showed many kids are out on the street.

"So we find a place for them to hang out a little bit more. They can come out here for some swimming, open gym, there is a game room, there`s basketball leagues and then there`s a meal program too," Cortes said.'

FOX 6 Now - February 2016

Special Olympic Athlete's Spirit Lives On Through Basketball Tournament

"Brandon Sprewer was 22 years old in 2006 when he was murdered during an armed robbery while he was waiting for a bus. Sprewer's spirit lives on, as hundreds gather annually to compete in a basketball tournament -- Sprewer's favorite sport."

FOX 6 Now - February 2016

Milwaukee Recreation Hosts 13th Annual Daddy Daughter Dance

"Dads and daughters -- it's time to dress up and dance! Percy Eddie joins 'Real Milwaukee' to talk about Milwaukee Recreation's upcoming daddy/daughter dance."

FOX 6 Now - January 2016

Don't Be Bored This Winter! Milwaukee Recreation Offers Plenty Of Opportunities

"Just because the weather is cold doesn't mean you have to slow down. Milwaukee Recreation offers all kinds of winter activity options for all ages. Brian Kramp visited the Beulah Brinton Community Center in Milwaukee's Bay View neighborhood to learn more."

  2015: In the News

FOX 6 Now - August 2015

Fall Classes Now Open At Beulah Brinton

"Beulah Brinton is the home for youth, adult and senior recreation activities.

The senior programs take place during the mornings and afternoons and include volleyball, bingo, cards, pool and darts... Youth classes include: baton, ballet, Fine Motor Marvels, Toddler Play Group and Tae Kwon Do, to name a few."

FOX 6 Now - June 2015

Food, Pools, and Sprinklers - All For Free

"Joel Symons from Milwaukee Recreation joins 'Real Milwaukee' to tell us more about their free summer program. On June 22, Milwaukee Recreation opened 29 free summer playgrounds throughout the city of Milwaukee."

TODAY'S TMJ4 - June 2015

Milwaukee Recreation Kicks Off Free Summer Playground

FOX 6 Now - February 2015

12th Annual Daddy Daughter Dance

"Milwaukee Recreation's annual 'Daddy/Daughter Dance' is happening later this month. Percy Eddie from Milwaukee Recreation joins 'FOX6 WakeUp' with the details."

  2014: In the News

FOX 6 Now - July 2014

Free Fun In The Sun With Milwaukee Recreation

"Milwaukee's playgrounds are open for business -- and there are plenty of activities for you and your kids to do -- for FREE! Joel Symons from Milwaukee Recreation joined the 'Real Milwaukee' team with more."

FOX 6 Now - February 2014

Milwaukee Recreation Celebrating Father-Daughter Bond

"The bond between a daughter and her dad is a very special thing. Milwaukee Recreation is celebrating that relationship with their 11th annual Daddy Daughter Dance next weekend."

FOX 6 Now - January 2014

Milwaukee Recreation Offers A Wide Variety Of Activities

"Whether it's soccer for youths, Latin dance for teens, or power yoga for adults, Studio A's Brian Kramp shows you it's as easy as opening a recreation guide and picking an activity that fits your needs."

  2013: In the News

TODAY'S TMJ4 - February 2013

Milwaukee Recreation's Daddy Daughter Dance

  2012: In the News

TODAY'S TMJ4 - July 2012

Milwaukee Recreation's Summer Programs

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