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Youth Sports Part-Time Staff

Youth Sports Staff

Current and prospective part-time staff are invited to visit the links below.

Prospective part-time Youth Sports staff can apply for a variety of positions online. Current part-time Youth Sports staff should visit the below link to complete the required quizzes for their position.

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Youth Sports Prospective & Current Part-Time Staff

Youth Sports Part-Time Staff

Online Part-Time Staff Trainings

Current part-time staff: please review the Online Part-Time Staff Trainings for your Youth Sports position and complete the appropriate quiz. All staff must complete the quiz for their position.

Youth Sports Positions

Part-Time Employment Opportunities

Prospective part-time staff: Youth Sports job openings are available for qualified adults and MPS and non-MPS High School Students (ages 15 and up).

Contact Youth Sports

Youth Sports Office

YouthSports [at]

Ryan Broderick

Youth Sports Supervisor
Ryan [at]

Thomas Scholle-Malone

Youth Sports Supervisor
Thomas [at]

Alex Poole

Extracurricular Engagement Supervisor
Alexandria [at]

Melissa E. Moutry

Youth Sports Manager
Melissa [at]

(When emailing our staff, please replace the "[at]" with a traditional "@" symbol. Ex:

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