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Everyone Plays! Scholarships

Everyone Plays!If you live in the city of Milwaukee and receive any state or federal assistance like WI Shares or SNAP, your children are eligible to receive a scholarship to pay for most classes in the Milwaukee Recreation Guide. This includes arts and crafts, cooking, dance, fitness, language skills, music, outdoor education, sports, swimming, and more!

Every activity is carefully supervised and designed to allow youth to learn and grow in a safe, respectful environment. Everyone is welcome to participate, and accommodations will be made for all individuals.

Everyone Plays Scholarship Information

Everyone Plays! Scholarship Application Form

  • You can also complete a PDF version of the application, if you prefer. If you complete the PDF version of the application, please email the application to Andrew Rossa (Andrew [at] If you complete the web form version of the application, your application will automatically be recorded.
  • Milwaukee Recreation Registration Form

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Registration Requirements

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Scholarship application, eligibility verification, and program registration form MUST be received at least five days prior to program start date.


  • All documentation is REQUIRED. Applications with incomplete or missing documents WILL NOT be accepted
  • Program participation is NOT ALLOWED until application is approved. (EXCEPTION: Eligibility that can be verified in Infinite Campus).
  • If application is denied, full payment is required in order to enroll in progam.
  Eligibility Requirements

1. Must be a resident of the City of Milwaukee.

2. Must be 17 years of age or younger (at the time scholarship application materials are received).

  • School-Aged Youth
    • a. MPS student eligibility verifiable in Infinite Campus (MPS Recreation staff will verify on-site) OR
    • b. Letter showing proof of ANY state or federal assistance received (plastic cards not accepted).
      • Examples: SNAP/Foodshare, Wisconsin Shares, Foster Care, Medicaid, etc.
  • Pre-School Aged Youth:
    • a. Eligible if an older sibling (who’s in school & living in same household) is verified as eligible.
    • No older sibling in school? See School-Aged Youth (b) above.
  Scholarship Guidelines/Distribution

Up to $100 per child, per school year (Aug. 1 - July 31)

  • Awarded funds may be used throughout the year.
  • Must reapply each year (funds expire on Aug. 1).

Ineligible Programs

  • Before & After School Childcare Camps
  • Club Rec
  • Driver Education
  • Field Trips
  • All School-Based Sports (player fees, uniforms, etc.)
  • Special Events
  • Summer Recreation Enrichment Camps (SREC)


  • Cannot be used for supplies (not included in program fee).
    • a. Examples: Spanish books, swim caps, yoga mats, etc.
  • Cannot be used for snack bar or gift card purchases.
  • Cannot be used for rentals (facility, mobile units, etc.).
  • Funds cannot be transferred to another household.
  • Funds do not ‘roll over’ from year to year.
  • Funds cannot be used to pay for a previous transaction.
    • a. Only fees paid for enrollment in a current season can be refunded (paid for with scholarship funds).

Frequently Asked Questions

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  Who can apply for a scholarship?

A parent or legal guardian of a child 17 years of age or younger who resides in the city of Milwaukee.

  Do I need to be a Milwaukee resident to apply for a scholarship?

Yes, all recipients must reside in the city of Milwaukee.

  What documentation is needed to apply for a scholarship?

 A completed scholarship application, a completed program registration form, and proof of ANY  state or federal assistance received is required.

Proof can either be 1) letter showing proof of ANY state or federal assistance received OR a screenshot from the agency website that confirms eligibility or, 2) verification in Infinite Campus (MPS students whose eligibility has already been verified). No other verification will be accepted. Eligible programs include (but are not limited to):

  • Foodshare/SNAP (WI Dept. of Health Services)
  • Foster Care (WI Dept. of Children & Families)
  • Homeless Assistance (WI Dept. of Children & Families)
  • Medicaid (WI Dept. of Health Services)
  • Refugee Assistance (WI Dept. of Children & Families)
  • Rent Assistance (City of Milwaukee Housing Authority OR Milwaukee County Health & Human Services)
  • Wisconsin Shares (WI Dept. of Health Services)
  What if I cannot meet or show proof of eligibility?

Please provide a brief explanation on the application form. If you have additional questions, call (414) 475-8180.

  Can I apply for a scholarship for my grandchild, niece, nephew, or other relation?

To apply for a scholarship for a child, you must be that child’s parent or legal guardian.

  Who should be listed as members of the household?

List all children under 18 that reside in the household that could be eligible for a scholarship (even if he/she is not registering for a class). If you have more than six children, please use an additional form.

  My child does not attend an MPS school. Can I still apply for a scholarship?

Yes. The Everyone Plays! Scholarship Program is available to any eligible child residing in the city of Milwaukee.

  What if I am a foster parent and want to request a scholarship for a foster child?

Foster children are eligible for scholarships. See question no. 4 above for further instructions.

  Which activities cannot be paid for by a scholarship?

Scholarships cannot be used for:

  • Before and After School Childcare Camps
  • Club Rec
  • Driver Education
  • Field Trips
  • All School-Based Sports (player fees, uniforms, etc.)
  • Special Events
  • Summer Recreation Enrichment Camps (SREC)
    • Additionally, the following cannot be paid for with scholarship funds:
    • Supplies (not included in program fee - e.g. spanish books, swim caps, yoga mats, etc.)
    • Snack bar or gift card purchases
    • Rentals (facility, mobile units, etc.)
  How much do I qualify for?

Each child is eligible to receive up to $100, per school year (Aug. 1 - July 31).

  Do I have to spend all scholarship funds at one time?

No. Funds can be applied to programs during any season as long as the funds haven’t expired and a balance still remains on your Milwaukee Recreation account.

  Do scholarship funds expire?

Yes. Awarded funds are available for the duration of the current school year (Aug. 1 - July 31). Recipients must reapply each year to be considered for another scholarship.

  My child was approved for a scholarship last season. How do I go about registering for a class this season and using scholarship funds?

Unless funds expired on Aug. 1, you can register in-person at one of our Community Centers, at MPS Central Services (5225 W. Vliet St., Rm 56), or at the OASIS Building (2414 W. Mitchell St.).

  How will I know if my scholarship application has been approved?

The Scholarship Coordinator will notify you via email (or phone if no email provided) regarding the application decision.

  How can I check my child’s scholarship balance?

You can check your scholarship balance by calling Milwaukee Recreation at (414) 475-8180.


  • Phone: (414) 475-8180
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