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Youth Sports Special Events

More information to be shared.
  • Run Back to School: Aug. 26
  • Middle School Fun Run: Sept. 27 & Oct. 4
  • MPS School Day with Marquette Volleyball: Oct. 4
  • Youth Sports Cheer Team Camp: Nov. 11
  • Middle School Citywide Girls Basketball Tournament: Nov. 17-18
  • Middle School Volleyball Tournament: Feb. 29 - March 2
  • March of Champions: March 15-17
  • Cheer & Dance Showcase: March 9
  • MPS School Day with UWM Women's Basketball: TBD

Contact Youth Sports

Youth Sports Office

Phone: 414-475-8410
Email: YouthSports [at]

Thomas Scholle-Malone

Youth Sports Manager
Sports: Coed Cheerleading
Phone: 414-475-8906
Email: Thomas [at]

Randy Hall

Youth Sports Supervisor
Sports: Flag Football, Volleyball, Indoor Soccer, T-Ball, Softball
Phone: 414-475-8745
Email: Randy [at]

Ashley McGee

Youth Sports Supervisor
Sports: Soccer, Girls/Boys/Coed Basketball
Phone: 414-475-8167
Email: Ashley [at]

Avyanna Young

Youth Sports Supervisor
Sports: Cross Country, Girls/Boys/Coed Basketball, Tennis, Track & Field
Phone: 414-475-8822
Email: Avyanna [at]

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