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Recycling and Sustainability Key Initiatives and Efforts

Green Space at Green Bay Playfield

Goal no. 1

Protect & Create Healthy Environments and Natural Areas

Key Initiative: Protect Natural Systems

Key Initiative: Utilize Green Infrastructure

Key Initiative: Increase Vegetation

Key Initiative: Manage Urban Tree Canopy

Key Initiative: Utilize On-site Soils

Goal no. 2

Implement Responsible Building and Site Development Strategies

Key Initiative: Reuse and Repurpose Existing Buildings

Key Initiative: Sustainable Product Purchasing

Key Initiative: Environmentally Sensitive Design Standards and Specifications

Key Initiative: Mandate Green Solutions in Design

Goal no. 3

Reduce Waste, Re-use Materials, and Recycle

Key Initiative: Reduce Waste

Key Initiative: Reuse Materials

Key Initiative: Recycle

Goal no. 4

Educate and Empower Employees, Students, and Community Members

Key Initiative: Staff Involvement

Key Initiative: Student Participation

Key Initiative: Community Partnerships

Key Initiative: Outreach & Education

Recycling and Sustainability Efforts

Through May 2024

Planted 974 trees among playfield system.

Just under 95,000 sq. ft. of new, no-mow/low maintenance grass.

Just under 7,300 sq. ft. of bioswale added.

Removal of 174, 620 sq. ft. of asphalt.

Kept 1,000’s of cubic yards of soil on site at 7 playfields, minimizing the amount reaching the landfill.

All quarry stone, trees, and sod sourced from Illinois and Wisconsin.

All new building furnishings manufactured in the Midwest with all components sourced within 200 miles.

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