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Twilight Centers

 Twilight Centers Pool Table

We know how integral our Twilight Centers are to providing safe, fun spaces for our young people. At our Twilight Centers, Milwaukee Recreation offers programming and extended hours at select school locations so young people in the city have a safe place to go during the evenings for free.

This season, we invite young people to visit our eight Twilight Centers for board games, esports, open gym shootaround, field trips, college and career conversations, and more! Take your best friend or meet new friends at Milwaukee Recreation's Twilight Centers.

Twilight Centers are open to MPS and non-MPS students alike. Free snacks are available every night as well. See below for site information.

The Twilight-specific entry door at each location is marked with a large, purple "Twilight Centers" sign.

*middle school or elementary school students only.

Summer Twilight Hours: June 4 - Aug. 15

All sites are CLOSED on June 19, July 4, and July 5. The Twilight Centers at North Division HS and South Division HS are CLOSED due to construction.

Hayes Bilingual School

Madison High School

Obama SCTE

Washington High School

Andrew Douglas Middle School

Bay View High School

Winter/Spring Twilight Hours: Jan. 5 - May 22

Middle school sites begin Jan. 5; high school sites begin Jan. 6. The Twilight Centers at North Division HS and Pulaski HS are currently closed due to renovations.

Madison High School

  • Ages: 12-18
  • Where: 8135 W. Florist Ave.
  • Days: Monday, Wednesday, & Saturday
  • Times: M/W 6-9 p.m. / Sa. 6-10 p.m.

Obama SCTE

  • Ages: 12-18
  • Where: 5075 N. Sherman Blvd.
  • Days: Monday, Wednesday, & Saturday
  • Times: M/W 6-9 p.m. / Sa. 6-10 p.m.

South Division High School

  • Ages: 12-18
  • Where: 1515 W. Lapham Blvd.
  • Days: Monday, Wednesday, & Saturday
  • Times: M/W 6-9 p.m. / Sa. 6-10 p.m.

Washington High School

  • Ages: 12-18
  • Where: 2525 N. Sherman Blvd.
  • Days: Monday, Wednesday, & Saturday
  • Times: M/W 6-9 p.m. / Sa. 6-10 p.m.

Andrew Douglas Middle School

  • Ages: 10-14*
  • Where: 3620 N. 18th St.
  • Days: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
  • Times: 5-8 p.m.

Bay View High School

  • Ages: 10-14*
  • Where: 2751 S. Lenox St.
  • Days: Friday & Saturday
  • Times: 5:30-8:30 p.m.

Summer Twilight Swim

Young people can also participate in the open swim opportunities at the below Twilight Centers!

  • Bay View HS (Monday-Friday) & Washington HS (Monday, Wednesday, & Friday)
  • June 17 - Aug. 15
  • 5:30-8:30 p.m.

Twilight Enrichment Activities

Milwaukee Recreation provides free enrichment activities for young people at Twilight Centers throughout each season! All enrichment programming is free and no registration is required. All Twilight participants are invited to attend. Participants who complete four Twilight enrichment activities in a season will qualify for a Twilight Centers field trip!

Click here to see the upcoming enrichment activities available at each open location. Changes will be made to this calendar throughout the season; please routinely check the enrichment schedule prior to visiting a site. See below for descriptions of each activity.

  • Ping Pong: Explore the fast game of ping pong with our expert-led lessons! Perfect your skills and enjoy the competition in a supportive environment.
  • Kreative Fruitz: Under the guidance of our skilled instructor, learn how to transform everyday fruits into artistic displays.
  • Be Inspired: Learn the essentials of sibling care and support in a nurturing setting with our comprehensive lessons.
  • Safe & Sound: Join our classes focused on reducing crime and enhancing community safety. Learn practical strategies to protect yourself and contribute to a safer neighborhood.
  • Digital Music Production: Want to learn a musical talent with lessons in digital music production? Discover how to create your own beats and lyrics, and bring your sound to life.
  • Milwaukee Reserve: Master the art of using money wisely through various financial workshops. 
  • Artists Working in Education: Explore your creativity and express yourself through a variety of artistic mediums with activities led by art instructors!
  • Virtual Reality Gaming: Step into the future of gaming with our Virtual Reality sessions! Work alongside our instructor to master Oculus gaming and immerse yourself in incredible virtual worlds.
  • Digital Music Production Enrichment Activity
  • Esports and Game Room Activities
  • Family Skate Night
  • Game Room Activities including Pool, Ping Pong, and Air Hockey
  • Kreative Fruitz Enrichment Activity
  • Kreative Fruitz Enrichment Activity
  • Open Gym Shootaround
  • Open Gym Shootaround
  • Twilight Participant at Pulaski
  • Weight Room at Pulaski


Twilight staff members are available during standard business hours.

If you have a question about Twilight after standard business hours, please use this site-specific contact list to reach your desired Twilight Center.

Lauren López

Twilight & Late Night Leagues Manager
Phone: 414-475-8937
Email: Lauren [at]

Jason Blocker

Twilight Supervisor (North Division & Washington)
Phone: 414-475-8040
Email: Jason [at]

Anthony Hagge

Twilight Supervisor (Bay View, Pulaski, & South Division)
Phone: 414-475-8465
Email: Anthony [at]

Robert Perry

Twilight Supervisor (Andrew Douglas, Obama, & Madison)
Phone: 414-475-8483
Email: Robert [at]

(When emailing our staff, please replace the "[at]" with a traditional "@" symbol. Ex:

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