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Wheel Park Project

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Wheel Park Update

Updated September 2022

Milwaukee Recreation has been working with Milwaukee Wheel Park Projects and the Bay View Neighborhood Association to identify a location for a Wheel Park plaza. Finding the right location for this project is critical to its success.

While we initially explored Sijan and Emigh playfields, we feel neither location is the right fit at this time. However, we remain committed to the Wheel Park project. Milwaukee Recreation continues to work with the Bay View Neighborhood Association on the wheel park project.

Please see the FAQ below for additional information and continue to visit this site for updates.

Why aren't we getting a wheel park at Emigh Playfield?

Based on feedback from residents who live in close proximity of the playfield, we did not feel there was adequate support to proceed with the project. Our goal is to install amenities that will be well received by as many residents as possible. 

Is Sijan Playfield off the table? 

The location at Sijan Playfield that was being considered is currently capped by asphalt. Developing a wheel park on this spot would require disturbance of the soil to lay foundations. We invested in a soil analysis, which revealed the likelihood that the area would need remediation prior to construction. This would have resulted in a significant increase in the cost of the project.

Does this mean there will never be a wheel park in Milwaukee?

Due to the fact that a portion of the funding to construct a wheel park was raised privately, we are currently considering locations within or near the Bay View neighborhood footprint. In summer 2022, we will be hosting another community engagement session regarding an alternate location. Given the overwhelming support for the concept, we are also willing to work with additional stakeholders to envision a wheel park in another location. 

But Emigh Playfield needs a refresh!

We agree! We completed a thorough analysis of all Milwaukee Recreation properties to develop a strategic plan for renovations using an equity framework in 2016. Our goal is to redevelop all properties under our jurisdiction to ensure these important spaces are meeting the current needs of the residents. The 2022-23 update to the Milwaukee Recreation Equity Prioritization Matrix will expand on the 2016 model to include lessons for equitable open-space assessments from around the country, helping reveal how open space can positively support communities around Milwaukee.

In fall 2022, Milwaukee Recreation is hosting community engagement sessions for a renovation to the playground at Emigh Playfield. Click here for more information. We are committed to making Emigh Playfield a safe, welcoming space for your family to play. 

What is a Wheel Park?

A Wheel Park provides families with a safe and legal space for wheel sports. A street-style park involves the use of urban obstacles with stairs, ledges, rails, and other obstacles. Users perform tricks around, onto, or over these obstacles.

Have additional feedback or questions?

Please use this submission form to send in any comments. Our team will review all feedback. All input from the community is appreciated.

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