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Ohio Playfield

Project Description

The space now features a challenging playground piece with multiple tiers, climbers, and slides. Belt and bucket swings accommodate kids of all ages and an accessible group swing allows children to either lay down and swing alone or swing together. Fun musical play pieces were also added as a unique design element. Finally, shaded picnic tables and benches ensure ample seating options for visitors. The project specified high-quality and durable materials to withstand the demand of this heavily utilized urban park.

The layout transformed asphalt into dynamic play zones, created rolling berms and lawn areas, and added trees and native plantings to enhance the site. Bright colors were selected by the neighborhood during the engagement sessions and add new life to the space.

  • Ohio Playfield
  • Ohio Playfield
  • Ohio Playfield
  • Ohio Playfield
  • Ohio Playfield
  • Ohio Playfield
  • Ohio Playfield


Ohio Playfield
974 W. Holt Av.
Milwaukee, WI 53215

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