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Emigh Playfield

Emigh Playfield

Wheel Park Project Update

Updated March 2022

Milwaukee Recreation has been working with Milwaukee Wheel Park Projects and the Bay View Neighborhood Association to identify a location for a Wheel Park plaza. Finding the right location for this project is critical to its success.

While we initially explored Sijan and Emigh playfields, we feel neither location is the right fit at this time.However, we remain committed to the Wheel Park project.

Please see this FAQ for additional information.

Emigh Playfield

495 E. Morgan Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53207

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For more information on the Master Plan Update:

Pamela Zimmerman

Specialist - Design & Development
Phone: 414-283-4777
Email: Pam [at]

Shannon Arms

Supervisor - Design & Development
Phone: 414-283-4780
Email: Shannon [at]

Dan Shinkle

Supervisor - Design & Development
Phone: (414) 283-4776
Email: Dan [at]

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