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Young people shine during Arts & Humanities Showcase at Turner Hall

On Tuesday, May 16, the community rallied support for our young people and local arts organizations at the Partnership for the Arts & Humanities Showcase!

Students, families, community members, and partners gathered at the historic Turner Hall to feature the work of over 30 organizations. On-stage performances included spoken word readings, film premieres, raps, and a variety of high-energy dances from groups throughout the city.

“One of the highlights of the event for me was witnessing the remarkable transformation as youth confidently took the stage and fully embraced their inner strength and potential,” Milwaukee Recreation's Afterschool Arts & Humanities Manager April Heding said. “Their presence and performance not only captivated the audience but also served as a powerful reminder of the incredible resilience and untapped potential that resides within each of them.”

Watch the video below to see highlights from throughout the evening!


Milwaukee Recreation operates the Partnership for the Arts & Humanities, which is an allocation of $1.83M approved annually by the Milwaukee Board of School Directors to support afterschool, weekend, and summer arts and humanities-related opportunities for children, youth, and families. Funds are released to community-based organizations partnering with schools and/or youth-serving agencies.

“The Partnership for the Arts & Humanities is dedicated to empowering and enriching the lives of young people in Milwaukee by supporting high-quality arts and humanities programs,” Heding said. “By investing in these transformative programs, we aim to cultivate a generation of resilient, imaginative, and culturally engaged individuals.”

Turner Hall, steeped in history in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, worked as a captivating centerpiece for the event, with Milwaukee Recreation’s local arts partners lining the edges of the venue on the second and third floors with informational booths and spaces for hands-on arts & crafts activities.

“We have been partners with the Arts & Humanities program for several years now, and we think that it is a wonderful experience,” Marta Carrion, Senior Director of Community Partnerships for the Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast, said. “It helps the community understand the value of art, not only for education, but also for emotional and mental health and development for the kids.”

Click here or here to view multiple Facebook photo galleries from the event. You can also hear from several community partners below!


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