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Turn on the Talent

Milwaukee Recreation has canceled Turn on the Talent in 2021.

Turn on the TalentSupport our after-school programs at the 14th annual Turn on the Talent!

Once again, the Milwaukee community will determine the Turn on the Talent winners by voting on each performance online after the event!

The top 3 after-school programs will receive prizes for their respective schools.

  • First place: Work with a community partner of your choice to design your own after-school arts program (valued up to $1,000)
  • Second Place: Choose your own arts/cultural workshop or field trip (valued up to $750)
  • Third Place: Purchase art supplies or equipment to enhance your after-school programming (valued up to $500)

More Turn on the Talent information

Since 2006, Turn on the Talent has grown to become an annual tradition among our MPS after-school programs. In the last decade, over 1,000 students have performed at Turn on the Talent, with approximately 500 guests in attendance each year.

“For youth in [CLCs, Camps, and Safe Places], Turn on the Talent offers a unique opportunity to shine and be recognized," Milwaukee Recreation supervisor Beth Kurtz said.

"Each [student] who performs in Turn on the Talent receives a participation trophy. For many youth performers, it is the first trophy they have received, and it is cherished. However, Turn on the Talent goes beyond a talent show. Turn on the Talent is about building advocacy for afterschool programs. Kids are encouraged to use their voices - and their votes - to share the vital need for after-school programs in our community.”


Beth-marie Kurtz

Before & After-School Supervisor
Phone: (414) 475-8869
Email: Beth [at]

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