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Lapham Peak

More than 1,000 acres of hilly terrain (created by glaciers) are within the Lapham Peak boundaries, including a portion of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. This glaciated topography provides excellent hiking and educational opportunities, and abundant bird life and wildlife can be observed throughout the trails. There are several prairie restoration sites and a butterfly garden. If there are other program topics you wish to cover, please let us know in advance. Our naturalists can then relate the hike to current or upcoming curricula.

Lapham Peak is one mile south of Interstate Highway 94 (Delafield Exit #285) on County Highway C. All groups should meet at Hausmann Nature Center unless otherwise noted.

State Park Rule: Carry in; carry out. No trash collection available.

Lapham Peak banner consisting of four snapshots of outdoor activities

Topography (Grades 4-8, March - Dec.)

Hike Wisconsin’s glacial landscape; climb a kame, circle a kettle and investigate our state’s unique geological history from the ground and from Lapham Peak’s 45-foot tower.

Orienteering/Compass Work (Grades 4-12, March - Dec.)

Students will learn map reading and compass skills and work together to complete a basic orienteering course. Students will experience the connections between problem-solving, geography, communication and math.

Nature’s Communities (Grades 2-5, March - Dec.)

Students hike forests and prairie, comparing interactions in ecosystems, biodiversity, and how these communities change (succession). Impacts of nonnative species will be explored.

Wildlife of the Kettle Moraine (Grades 2-8, March - Dec.)

Hike the habitats of Wisconsin wildlife, seeking clues to reveal the foods, homes and behaviors of animals. Students will practice stalking and tracking, make inferences, draw conclusions and encounter wild inhabitants of Lapham Peak.

Bugs and Butterflies (Grades 2-5, April - Sept.)

Insect adaptations, roles and diversity are explored as students tour Lapham Peak’s butterfly garden, search for decomposers in the woods and catch and release prairie insects. Students will discover new respect for insects and other invertebrates.

Bird Blitz (Grades 3-6, April - Aug.)

Hike Lapham Peak State Park in search of birds that make Wisconsin their home and others that visit during migration. Students will learn how birds differ from other animals, how they survive and reasons for their behaviors. Observation and classification skills are practiced.

Prairies (Grades 2-8, July - Oct.)

Students will explore the prairie -- Southern Wisconsin’s pre-settlement plant community. They will learn how diverse grasses and forbs survive extremes of heat, cold and drought and provide habitat for a wide variety of life. Please meet at Evergreen Grove parking.

Winter: Dec. - Feb.

Braving the Cold (Grades 2-8, Winter)

Discover the chilling truth about the strategies used by Wisconsin organisms to survive the winter. We’ll gather clues about plants and animals big and small to learn the cold facts.

Snowshoe Adventure (Grades 4-12, Winter)

Experience Wisconsin’s world-famous Kettle Moraine as few ever do. Snowshoeing is fun, easy-to-learn, and a great way to enjoy our beautiful state in a time of year when most are huddled indoors. Enjoy this increasingly popular winter activity while also learning about the animals that call this place home. Snowshoes and instruction are provided. If weather does not permit for snowshoeing, a Braving the Cold program will be substituted. Please dress in warm layers and meet at Evergreen Grove parking.


(262) 646-3025

W329 N846 County Road C
Delafield, WI 53018

Bus Information

  • Location: Lapham Peak
  • Company: Illinois Central
  • Phone: 414-708-3881
  • Cost: $275
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