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Twilight Enrichment Programming

Muhibb Dyer

As a part of the MPS C.A.R.E.S. initiative, Milwaukee Recreation has established Twilight Centers around the city for young people ages 12-18. Each center is unique to its surrounding community, and has various activities for your teens several nights throughout the week. See all of our Twilight Enrichment Programming below.

Re-write Your Past

Flood the Hood With Dreams with Muhibb Dyer

This workshop will get participants brainstorming ways to overcome the negative influences of growing up in a community of dysfunction by using poetry and creativity. Hear the story of an African American male raised in a single-parent home who has problems in school and eventually turns to a life of crime. Re-write the ending of this young man’s story into a postive ending. At the end of the workshop one lucky winner will get a prize for his or her re-write. Read our full feature on Muhibb Dyer (pictured above) here.

The Truth Is

Flood the Hood With Dreams with Muhibb Dyer

This session is designed to address the anti-social personality that leads to violent behavior in and out of school. Participants will watch a poetic performance by Muhibb Dyer and Kwabena Nixon, followed by a writing exercise called “the truth is” that encourages them to write about the painful events in their life. Participants will build a sense of togetherness born out of the commonality of shared experience.

Talk to Your Pain

Flood the Hood With Dreams with Muhibb Dyer

This session is designed to address one of the primary causes of substance abuse, failed relationships. Participants will complete an exercise called “the chair," in which they are asked to role play a conversation with a person that has hurt them. The goal of this exercise is to get the participants to understand that facing their problems brings resolution and avoiding the problem leads to a mentality of escapism characterized by regular drug and alcohol usage. Students will realize that their behavior is a direct result of many things that were beyond their control.

Know Your Rights

Changing Lives Through Literature with Khalil Coleman

Coleman will cover topics such as reasonable suspicion, probable cause, search & seizure, the U.S. Constitution's 5th Amendment, as well as the Declaration of Independence.

Twilight CenterConflict Prevention

Changing Lives Through Literature with Khalil Coleman

Topics covered include active listening, possible threats, suggest alternatives, don’t pick sides, what caused the problem, separate the problem, eye contact, body language, and vulnerability.

Violence in Your Community

Triple J’s Youth Association with Jabalja Lawrence

Giving our youth the skills needed to survive in a city known with techniques to avoid dangerous and unhealthy situations.

Community and Law Enforcement

Triple J’s Youth Association with Jabalja Lawrence

Learning to bridge the gap between the police and community, while helping to reduce miscommunication and encouraging unity through conversation.

Choppin' it up Organic Mentoring

Center for Self Sufficiency

This workshop will allow participants to engage within group settings with mentors who provide them with a sense of community and belonging. Choppin’ It Up™ allows for substantive meaningful mentorship to be developed through a series of unforced engagements that yield positive pro-social outcomes.

Twilight Girls Star Program

My Sista’s KeepHer with Tina Nixon

My Sista’s KeepHer will help young girls develop positive self-image, strong sense of identity, love for sisterhood, and a sense of responsibility to themselves and other girls in the community. Poetry is the primary tool used to foster self expression, self discovery, compassion and empathy. Participants will learn more about leadership, goal setting, communication, girl talk, dance, fashion design, jewelry making, photography, community service, and more.

Cooking Classes

Be introduced to the world of cooking! Participants will learn cooking vocabulary, techniques, utensils, basics of etiquette, nutrition, safety in the kitchen, math, and new foods. Please Note: some site participants may travel to another location to utilize their kitchen facility.

Twilight Dodgeball League

Join your Twilight dodgeball team! Twilight teams will play each other at home and away at other centers. Please contact the Teen Coordinator if interested in playing on the dodgeball team. Space is limited.

MPS C.A.R.E.S.AWE’S Truck Studio

AWE’s Truck Studio at MPS Twilight Centers is a pop-up art studio that gives young people an opportunity to explore and express their creativity. A team of artists on site will help with a wide variety of visual art projects and materials. Participants will work on building artistic skills and new techniques, and find someone to talk to about your creative ideas!

Digital Music Production

In this two-part activity, music production professionals will work with participants to develop an independent music project. In part one, participants will be set up with the the tools and strategies needed to work either independently or collaboratively on a music production project. In part two, the groups will meet with instructors again to share progress and take projects further.


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